Touch heart

   With  deepest thanks from my heart...

His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche, Thrinley Lhundrup
 for  His deep kindness, encouragement and Foreword; for telling me that my dream foretold the completion of the long-overdue Biography  Project and  for gently asking me to take time to rest when Holiness himself for a great many years has worked day and night  without much rest to the point of  exhaustion.
Kyabje Garchen Triptul Rinpoche  for  showing me Changchup  Sem (Bodhicitta) - in each and every act of his body, speech and mind, inner, outer and secret  - that indispensable Great Mind of Awakening that which the Lama has perfected  through the practice of completely destroying self-grasping and cultivating equanimous love for all beings; for instilling in me the  indestructible  faith in the infallible  law of karma that which the Lama has also perfected through the practice of  mind-confession, patience and purification; and for his great kindness in allowing me to continue to write his  life stories  – even after 10 years  and still not yet complete!

Lodi Gyari Rinpoche and Dawa-la
for the Foreword, and their great kindness and encouraging words after reading the “Letter to My Teacher” booklet.

Chagme Rinpoche, Thupten Nyingpo Rinpoche, Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche, Nubpa Rinpoche, Khenpo Sherab Ozer for their teachings,  insights and all the wonderful stories.
Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpochefor bringing the precious Drikung lineage to the West  and for translating, among other invaluable  and inspirational work , Garchen Rinpoche’s heart-teaching  
A River that Cannot Be Frozen”  into English.
Bhaka Tulku Rinpochefor his vast knowledge, insights, email correspondence and precious stories on  Princess Wenchen Konjo and the Gar Minister.

Traga Rinpochefor sharing very special stories and for Rinpoche’s gentle, quiet support; for allowing me to stay in  his simple and  peaceful hut for my writing retreats.

Gar Tulku Chime Dorjee (Achung Rinpoche) for being who he was and who he is; for sharing all the wonderful stories at Changchup Ling in 2011 and  for the most gentle, kind energy that seems to transpire throughout lifetimes.
Kunsang Choedon-la (Gar Tulku Chime Dorjee ’s mother/Garchen Rinpoche’s younger sister) for  all the special childhood stories; and Rigzin-la (Gar Tulku Chime Dorjee’s youngest sister ) for  interpreting, conducting interviews  and  continuously sending thoughtful answers  on behalf of her  mother and elder brother.

Khenpo Tamphel
for interpreting for Garchen Rinpoche, Traga Rinpoche, Gape Lama, Bu Nima Lama, A Bo Lama and sharing the most precious moments during the very first interviews in 2003.
Khenpo Sandup –  for sharing precious stories  and for interpreting for Garchen Rinpoche.
My Khenpo friend
 for translating for Garchen Rinpoche in the Arizona stupa in 2007 and for being there for me although outwardly it may not seem so.
Lama Thupten Nyingma (Gape Lama) for his vast knowledge on the subjects and for answering myriad questions so thoroughly and so patiently; for all the wonderful stories , research and hard-to-find oldie photos.
Lama A Bo –  for interpreting for Garchen Rinpoche during spontaneous moments and  for acting as my Tibetan secretary; for all the wonderful stories and oldie photos; for sharing laughter and allowing me to sit in his sunlit room looking out the window  at  Garchen Rinpoche’s hut in the far distance and write.
Lama Bu Nimafor cooking all the wonderful meals every day during  my stay at  GBI for the 2003 interviews; for sharing wonderful stories and oldie photos, and for the  annual friendly reminders of “How many pages already?”
Konchog Dorje Dudul (Chuc Kha) for the  deeply beautiful calligraphy and  for sharing with me that which can only be seen through the heart about our precious root Lama; for typing the 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas in Ume’ script and for his generous support of the Project.

Thanh Bui
 (my deceased father) for his love for writing and his hundreds of poems that carried  me to unfamiliar and distant realms during my youth; for his gentle and caring manner and for always asking me “How many pages did you write today?” when sitting by my side  after already being struck by a stroke at the age of 87.

Kim-Chau Vufor  her love for writing, her poems and her stories that nourished me during my youth; for a mother’s sacrifice and a grandmother’s love, and for having to take care of Oliver and Andre’ during my time away from home for writing retreats and other travels....
Sy Luufor sharing life with me in this lifetime; for all the love and encouragement; for supporting and understanding the Little Cotton-Ball visions; for having  to work and for taking care of the children during my time away from home for writing retreats and other travels; for recording Garchen Rinpoche and Lama Bu Nima’s beautiful chanting for the first time in 2001 at DMC.
Oliver K. Luu & Andre’ C. Luu for editorial suggestions amidst homework and for allowing mommy to  travel the world and go on writing retreats; for telling me one day  after my travel that “Mommy, when you were away, I still felt very close to you in my heart and know that you love me” (Andre’), and for assuring me that “you need to do well what you need to do, Mommy, and don’t worry about anything else” (Oliver).

Bertrand Odelys
for magically appearing at GBI in 2007, and thereafter, for all the letters, the note cards  and the roses  that he sent  from distant lands  from his heart; for genuinely editing and editing and editing no matter where in the world: Chino Valley, New Mexico, Dharamsala, France or Mauritus.
Donna DesJardins –  for “being there” in 2003 in Chino Valley and for her loving support; for being my very first reader with such great confidence and  for countless editorial suggestions for the  very first transcripts; for continuing to assist me with the remaining editing work until the Project is complete!
Christina Lundbergfor “For the Benefit of All Sentient Beings” and the invaluable visual keepsake of our precious root Lama;  for sharing the wonderful oldie photos and stories.

Kanaya Chevlifor his  great patience, genuineness  and generosity; for all the hard work on the website, the brochure, the photos; for the recordings of Garchen Rinpoche’s chants; for always giving and for too many other things to list.
Khenmo Trinlay, Carol Bailey, Steve Drago  for their support, comments, editorial suggestions and offer to help with editing...
And many other wonderful friends and readers   for their kind offer to help with editing and for their inspiring letters and emails which lifted my spirit and  carried me through moments of doubt over the years...


Ari Kiev  – for  the English version of the  37  Practices of Bodhisattvas and for wonderful stories.
Ina Bieler – for interpreting, translating and composing email messages on behalf of Garchen Rinpoche and Gape Lama for my myriad questions and their answers amidst her very busy schedule.
Meghan Howardfor interpreting  for Garchen Rinpoche, Traga Rinpoche, Lama Bu Nima and Khenpo Sherab; for her writing with Gape Lama on the  lives of the previous Gar incarnations and Great Prayer Wheel at Gar; for editorial suggestions.
Virginia Blumfor interpreting for Thupten Nyingpo Rinpoche.
Tenzin Norbufor interpreting for Drikung Chagme Rinpoche.
James Gentryfor interpreting for Khenpo Sherab.

Amber Moore  for helping  Khenpo Sandup with interpretation and for wonderful stories in Tibet.

Konchog Kunzang Tobygal (Tieu Nho)for  translating, with heartfelt devotion, Garchen Rinpoche’s guru yoga sadhana and Gar quotes into Vietnamese.

James Pittard
 for sharing with the world Garchen Rinpoche’s letter that which later became known as the precious pith-instruction teaching called “A River that Cannot Be Frozen;” for his letters , emails and the wonderful stories of Garchen Rinpoche, Gar village and Gar Gon monastery.
Kathy Lambertfor  spending hours taking beautiful photos of Garchen Rinpoche‘s distant past upon request.
Amy Connerfor the  very lovely photos that she took of the  two heart-shaped rocks upon request.
Pheng Chong Chew and Tashi Jamyangling for the stories and photos of Garchen Rinpoche’s  2004 trip to Tibet.  
Jeffrey Beach
for sharing the deeply beautiful picture of Garchen Rinpoche looking  out the window to a cloudless sky, meditating and resting in  the perfect nature of the mind.
Theresa Ai Stevenson (USA)for her tears and joyful-giving heart and  the Chinese translation; for her generous gift to support the Project.
Sarquis & Juan  (Mexico) for their  tears and the Spanish translation.
Dasha  Daria Samoilova (Russia) for her tears and the Russian translation.
Stephanie du Tan (USA)
and Bogdan Łapiński (Poland) for their kind and genuine offer to translate the Biography into French and Polish, respectively.
Sarah Calabrese for her input and editorial suggestions on “Chapter Nine: Thirty-Seven Practices.”

Andrew Printing
for printing the very first “Letter to My Teacher” booklets  at minimal cost (2009).

Chi Phanfor her kind support and for being the very first to ask me to print  “Letter to My Teacher” and Garchen Rinpoche’s life stories in both English and Vietnamese.
Peter and Maureen De la Cruzfor their genuine advice on the very first chapters and for always being the first to post the writings on the Drikung Mahayana Center (DMC) website.
Pauline Dongfor being one of my very “first readers” and for folding and  stapling hundreds of copies of the very first “Letter to My Teacher” booklets in 2009.
Jacki Elder, Will Evans & Bill O’Brien
for their vision, devotion and the “Southwest Buddhafield Endownment” which Garchen Rinpoche wishes to benefit-in-part from the proceeds of the Biography book.
Lee Lin for being my Chinese Dharma sister in this lifetime and for bringing Garchen Rinpoche and DMC to our house beginning in 2001; for wonderful connections and stories of many other great masters and her mind-turning inquiry about guru yoga  during my 2003 interviews at GBI.
Yanfen Wang for feeding me delicious food during my writing retreats at the lama house and interpreting for Garchen Rinpoche during spontaneous moments; for the most precious and magical photos of Garchen Rinpoche and other Lamas.
Samantha Hungfor feeding me delicious food during my writing retreats at the lama house and for interpreting for Garchen Rinpoche and A Bo Lama during spontaneous moments; for all the wonderful stories and for requesting Rinpoche to compose the ‘Light Amassment  of Blessings” guru yoga practice.

Ani Tenzin Lhamo, Hoai Huong-Tran Uyen Thi, Patricia Lamb & Meghan Howard
 for their faith in this Project and thoughtful reference letters to the Leon Levy Biography Fellowship  for Emerging Biographers.

Lisa Lewis for her poems, her letters, her breakfasts, her transcription of Garchen Rinpoche’s teachings (together with Kevin McDermott); and for helping me recording the interviews of Chagme Rinpoche.

Mara Shnay for scanning the original oldie photos in 2003 at GBI and a most touching poem that Garchen Rinpoche wished to include in the Biography book.
Don Nguyenfor his help and  work on the very first ideas of creating a website.
Tuan Hoangfor his  invaluable critics, beautiful  graphic work and creative talents.

Kathy Dyhr & Bernie Zabel  for all the wonderful stories and for helping me during  my 2003 stay at GBI.

Auntie Minh Thu (Australia)  for a  generous  heart and two private grants (2010 - 2012).
Le Chi Nguyen  for her  great generosity, support and sponsorship for the printing of the “Letter to My Teacher” booklets  (second edition, 2011).
Dr. Tan Bui  for his great generosity, support and sponsorship for the printing of “Chapter Nine -Thirty-Seven Practices: The Golden Stanzas of My Perfect Teacher” mini-booklets  (2011) and support for an editor’s laptop.
Bao Pham, Tri Bui, Quang Bui, Fawn Bui (and their loving better-halves) for their heartfelt, generous support of the Biography Project and for sharing my aspirations.
Kim Drolma for  her kindness and loving support in very quiet ways, and for being  there in the Arizona stupa in 2007 to care for Garchen Rinpoche over his break, and  to witness, without any prior anticipation, my emotional outbreak during which I showed to Rinpoche  the two rocks that I found!
Duyen Lam for always providing me with her shoulders to rest on when in need, and for videotaping Gar Tulku Chime Dorjee’s interview at Changchup Ling.
Konchog Dekyi (Vietnam) for the most perfect ruby colored, heart-shaped jewel that she incidentally found in her mandala set-up  after already crying a river while reading  through this Biography website, longing to merge mind to mind, heart to heart with our precious root Lama.
My very dear friends  and sponsors: Dr. Tan Bui, Van-Anh & Tuan Nguyen,  Bao Do,  Bao Pham,  Bich-Thuy Do, Mai-Thy Truong, Kathy Tho Pham, Thao Tran, Michelle Do, Lan Anh Tran, Manh Tung & Hang Tran, Mark Siege, Eric Chang, Hung Lu, Tung & Hoa Vu, May & Edward, Alan Lau, Maryna Semenyuk, Zhen Hong Chua,  Tung & Van Anh Tran, Silvie Quach, Lan Tran, Barbara Martin, John Vu, Andy Vu & Pauline Dong, Miranda Le, Thuy Hang Le, Dharma friends from Cupertino & San Jose (CA), Gary Holmes and Kathryn Suerth-Holmes, friends from Niem Phat Duong Grass Hut (Moscow): Tu Thanh, Phuong, Gia Binh, Phuong Nam, Hue, Hoang    for their kindness and generous support of the Project.


** The above is an incomplete list... Please kindly see the  updated list of donors in  the printed version of Book One. (available in October 2013).

And last but not least, for all sentient beings and all of my karmic creditors and obstructers
, without whom I would not  have  even a chance to merely pretend to practice  the  precious  instructions, let alone  to bring to perfection that which is indispensable throughout lifetimes until reaching the heart of  Great Awakening...


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The above list will be  updated as time goes by....