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Documentary Film
“For the Benefit of All Beings”
by Christina Lundberg

Documentary Film
“In the Footsteps of a Yogi”
by Water-Moon Productions

Garchen Rinpoche’s heart-teaching “A River That Cannot Be Frozen”
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Garchen Rinpoche’s oral teachings
and recordings of teachings by Centers and students.

Transcripts of Garchen Rinpoche’s oral teachings by Centers and students.

Personal letters  and correspondence of Dharma teachers and friends.

Recordings of Garchen Rinpoche’s and Lama Bu Nima’s chanting by
Sy Luu and Kanaya Chevli.

Gar Quotes by Garchen Rinpoche and Ina Bieler.


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River Cannot Be Frozen


The Lama’s Mind...

“The Lama’s mind is Buddha”
Quote taken from
Garchen Rinpoche’s teaching
“The River That Cannot
Be Frozen”

Calligraphy by
Chuc Kha 2011


Verses of
“Thirty-Seven Practices
of Bodhisattvas “
by Ngulchu Thogme Zangpo
in Tibetan Ume’ script


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Oral interviews were conducted and recorded in February 2003, November 2004, April and June 2006, December 2008,  June 2011.  Additionally, on numerous occasions, Garchen Rinpoche  spontaneously gave the author oral comments, advice or relayed his life stories with or without being officially recorded.  The oral interviews that were recorded were then transcribed by the author Sue-Sue Luu and by Kanaya Chevli. A complete record of transcription will be available in the future.  To listen to sample recordings, click here. To view a sample transcript, click here.

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