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The teacher is a wide and swift river of compassion and wisdom.
Therefore, do not forget the Lama. Pray to him at all times.  
Do not be carried away by thoughts. Therefore, watch the nature of mind.
Do not forget death. Therefore, persist in the Dharma.
 Do not forget sentient beings. Therefore, with compassion, dedicate all your merits to them.

(Dharma quote by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche)

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Homage to the Lord of Refuge and the Lord of Speech!  

December of 2010 during one of my writing retreats, I stayed for some time in the Lama house by myself, working on Garchen Rinpoche’s stories and contemplating the stillness of the surrounding landscape and my perplexed heart.  It was bitterly cold that December in Chino Valley, and I very much enjoyed making a fire every morning when I first awoke and every evening before I retired in a completely “empty” house. Every night, I would pray to both Lord Jigten Sumgon and Garchen Rinpoche to guide me with my writing and would fall asleep thinking of being wrapped in their warm embrace.  I held on to the deep-seated wish that they would hear my prayers and appear in the realm of dreams, never imagining that a tangible response could possibly manifest.

Garchen Rinpoche and the lamas returned home from their trip a week later.  
Lama A Bo handed me a small black and white photo of Garchen Rinpoche which was to be included within Rinpoche’s biography. We both loved this photo so much. It was as if we could almost hear Rinpoche’s roar of laughter! Lama A Bo said that it was given to him by a student in Germany. He wanted me to scan the photo and then give it back to him. Since I was not sure how to operate the scanner in the Lama house, I thought I should first take a digital photo of the original image which was quite small. I had to let it stand vertically on top of the free-standing fireplace in the Lama house so that I could capture the image.

The next day, I remembered hearing
Lama Bu Nima make the morning fire, and then all of a sudden, I remembered Rinpoche’s photo that I had unmindfully left standing against the chimney flue of the warmly lit fireplace all night! Emaho! As I rushed to remove it, my eyes dreamily caught sight of a red and violet-blue sphere in the middle of Rinpoche’s throat that had not been there before! The photo was sticking to the chimney flue and all four corners were slightly bent at the edge from the heat that was seeping through.  On the back of the photo, there now appeared a small half-burnt circular mark, and that was where the red and violet-blue circle naturally manifested on the front of it!  Om Ah Hung!  

The Lama of Many Lifetimes: Postcard #1 and story by the Author who has since returned the original photo to her ‘Benza’ brother - Lama A Bo. Original photo courtesy: “Peter” from Germany.  Ah la la ho!   

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Calligraphy Quote:  “Understanding very little of my guru’s teachings, even that little not put into practice.
How can I write as though it has entered my heart, like a dewdrop dreaming that it can hold the sun...”
Quote by Francesca Frematle  -  Calligraphy by Chuc Kha 2011

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