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On  January 8, 2007  at  the Drikung Mahayana Center in North Potomac,
Maryland,  Garchen Rinpoche  wrote the above note   upon the author’s request to be included in the biography book for his students .  On December 12,
2008,  with the assistance of his attendant - lama A Bo,  Garchen Rinpoche
sealed the message with his thumbprint  and personal seal  at the Garchen  
Buddhist Institute in Chino Valley,  Arizona.
here for English translation of  note.

On  August 6, 2011, Garchen Rinpoche gave  the above letter of introduction and intent to the author at the Garchen Buddhist Institute following the summer retreat. When it was orally translated into English by Khenpo Sandrup in the presence of Garchen Rinpoche and other lamas, Rinpoche gave a hearty laugh and playfully gestured to the author what he meant  by  “dray clay” or “a clump of earth.” Click here to read
the letter  in English.

Words spoken by Garchen Rinpoche to the author were orally translated by Khenpo Tamphel on February 4, 2003, A Bo Lama on December 12, 2008 and Ina Bieler  on December 13, 2008 at the Southwest Buddhafield, Garchen Buddhist Institute in Chino Valley, Arizona.  Garchen Ripnoche reviewed and signed the lletter on December 15, 2008 after his words were transcribed and formatted into a single letter.

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here to listen to selected  audio clips of Rinpoche’s spoken words.


Below is the message in English that the author wrote to Garchen Rinpoche  in the evening of January 31, 2011 at the Garchen Buddhist Institute. She then requested  lama A Bo to  translate and copy it into Tibetan script on her behalf, and she offered it to  Rinpoche the next morning as a parting gift.   During that time, the author was writing about Rinpoche serving  his terms at the inner  and outer prison in Zhi-Ling, and  had to rely on her imagination to retell her Lama’s stories.  It felt as though she was  actually going back in time , growing up and growing old with him.  As such, when  Garchen Rinpoche’s  20-year prison term ended, the writing on that part of his life would also end, and together, they would be free,
master and disciple, prisoner and biographer...


Rinpoche la,

Right now,  I am writing about your stories in the prison...

Twenty years is a long time.

When I write these stories, I feel like I was also in the prison,
together with you.

When you  got out of prison,

I also got out of  prison.
Thank you for letting me learn in the prison with you.

May I never be separate from you in body, speech and mind.  
May Tara protect you always.
With great big love...

Sue-Sue   .   February 1, 2011





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