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Photo: Sue-Sue   (Arizona 2005)

Garchen Rinpoche Brief Bio

Click  on Garchen Rinpoche‘s  right-hand sided heart  to read his brief biography.

Click here to read about  the dream  of Garchen Rinpoche’ s right-hand sided heart  in
“Letter to My Teacher: The Lama of
the Many Lifetimes”

I have just come to know that in fifty thousand people, you can find one person

whose heart is a reflection of mirror, which means that his heart
is at his right instead of  his left side....

Garchen Rinpoche’s heart may not be physically located to the right,
but if you are truly inspired to merge with his heart, and beat the same heartbeats,
please don’t look for it  where you normally would...

Just as one Vietnamese legendary song-writer had written long ago...
When moon is no longer moon... When moon is within  the vast expanse ...”
Garchen Rinpoche’s  heart dwells within this vast expanse...  
patiently waiting for us...  and  never  doubting even for a moment
 that we all would reach there one day...
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“Arya Tara  is my yidam deity.
My aspiration  is to follow in her footsteps to benefit all sentient beings  and I myself
also pray
continuously  that I am inseparable  from her.”
 Garchen Rinpoche  

Homage to you, Tara...
the swift heroine,
Whose eyes are like an instant flash of lighting,
Whose water-born face arises from the blooming lotus
Of Avalokiteshvara,
Protector of the Three Worlds...

Homage to you, Tara...
whose face is like
One hundred autumn moons gathered together,
Blazing with the
expanding light
Of a thousand stars

Homage to you, Tara...
born from a golden-blue lotus,
Whose hands are beautifully adorned with lotus flowers,
You who are the embodiment of  giving, joyous effort, asceticism, pacification, concentration,  
and all objects of practice...

First three verses of Twenty-One Praises to Tara originally translated by Lama Thupten Yeshe and edited by Silvia Wetzel in 1979.


The image of Arya Tara at the top of this page was given to the author by one of her Dharma sisters, Hoang Anh.  The author kept it on the table in front of Garchen Rinpoche’s throne chair.  One day, the candles were blown off and some hot candle wax fell on the back of the image, creating a  half-moon shadow on Tara’s face  that seems to bring her to life.

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