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“Writing life stories of a person like me who is ignorant and lacks holy qualities is meaningless and is only wasting paper, ink, time and energy. But my disciple Sue-Sue saw clay as gold with an intense interest in compiling my life stories, so I accepted her request in order not to waste her devotion and intention.

In addition, through uncontrollable circumstances over time, I have committed many non-virtuous deeds with weapons and battles in the earlier part of my life. Later in life, I had to meet with consequences of my actions and had to endure various great sufferings.

Therefore, for all who read my life stories, this may be a cause, and may it be one, to develop certainty in the law of causality.  I hope and pray that my stories also are for them to generate Bodhicitta in their mind stream, which is the non-mistaken cause for enlightenment .

May the above intentions be accomplished.”  

Gar Konchog Gyaltsen



River Cannot Be Frozen

“The Lama’s mind is Buddha”
Calligraphy by Chuc Kha 2011

Quote taken from Garchen Rinpoche’s teaching
“The River That Cannot be Frozen”



On August 6, 2011, Garchen Rinpoche gave  the  letter of introduction and intent to the author at the
Garchen Buddhist Institute following the summer retreat. When it was orally translated into English
by Khenpo Sandrup in the presence of Garchen Rinpoche and other lamas, Rinpoche gave a hearty laugh and playfully gestured to the author what he meant  by “dry clay” or  a “clump of earth.”




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