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 The work on the complete biography  
“The Lama of Many Lifetimes: Touching the Living Heart  of Garchen Rinpoche”
began in February 2003 and is still in progress...  
Hopefully, it will be completed one day, when the writer can, in part, fulfill the heart advice of her Lama!











About the Project...
The Project to record the Official Biography of His Eminence Kyabje Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche began in February 2003. Kyabje Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche granted unprecedented access to the intimate details of his life in a series of interviews conducted by his disciple Sue-Sue Luu beginning in the winter of that year until the present day. The archive of recordings has grown to about 180 hours and is still expanding. It includes interviews with Garchen Rinpoche, his attendants, students, and other Lamas, and are being used as supporting details for the writing.

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Garchen Rinpoche’s Biography will be published in three parts. Book ONE (1937-1958), which covers the period from birth until the time he escaped from his monastery, will be in print in December 2013.  As samples of her writing, the author has published Chapter One, Chapter  Two and Chapter Nine of Book ONE; they are available on this Project website.

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Translations of the Biography into Chinese,  French, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese  are currently in progress. The Project eventually  plans to publish the archive of recordings, transcripts and photos in an interactive DVD.  

The author is grateful for the love and sacrifice of her  83-year old mother Kim-Chau Vu,  husband Sy Luu, and children Oliver and Andre’, without which this Project would be impossible. Special thanks go to the volunteers for assisting with transcribing, editing, website development, translation, graphic design, photography, and to those who have otherwise helped support the Project. In particular, she is indebted to Bertrand Odelys and Donna DesJardins, her ‘karmic editors,’ and Kanaya Chevli, her ‘honorary Vietnamese’ Vajra brother, for their unfailing support, encouragement and trust in the Project’s fruition.

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About the Hearts..
In the summer of 2007, the author entered a month-long writing retreat in a small hut that belonged to Traga Rinpoche at the Garchen Buddhist Institute in Chino Valley, Arizona. During that time, Garchen Rinpoche was staying in the sacred mountains of Lapchi, retreating and filming for the movie “For the Benefit of All Beings.”  It was exceptionally hot that summer in Chino Valley. Writing was difficult and there were many writer’s blocks and moments of doubts.

Every morning, the author  practiced Lama Chopa of Lord Jigten Sumgon, and every evening, she practiced Tara. She supplicated that her heart would merge with her Lama’s heart... with Tara’s heart, so that she could successfully transfer their limitless love into her writing. That summer, there were hardly any drops of rain in Chino Valley but in Traga Rinpoche’s  little hut, tears from calling the lama from afar were abundant....

On July 12th, the author met her ‘karmic’ editor, Bertrand Odelys, a French writer from a small island called Mauritus, in the main temple of the center. Gazing into his eyes for the first time in this life, she was close to tears for no reason, and suddenly developed complete trust in this gray-haired stranger. The next day, Garchen Rinpoche returned to the center from Lapchi, and on the morning of July 15th, he walked down to the hut after breakfast to give  a yellow blanket to the author, blowing blessings into each of her palms.  

On July 23rd, as the author slowly made it up the trail to the main temple, a thought swiftly came across her mind that she would receive some sign to guide her on the journey to her Lama’s heart. At that very moment, she looked down the trail, and saw a naturally-formed rock in the shape of a bleeding heart. The author was overcome with joy. The whole night long, she fell asleep holding the tiny rock tightly to her chest...

On August 9th, the author was trekking up the same path to the main temple. The sun was intensively scorching and right at the place where she had leaned down to pick up the bleeding heart, she incidentally eyed upon another rock, which was in the shape of a perfect heart, clean and smooth-edged...  Emaho...

By the end of the Summer teachings, the author brought Bertrand over to the stupa one afternoon to introduce the new editor to her Lama. Not knowing that it was supposed to be  Garchen Rinpoche’s rest time, she walked into the stupa with Bertrand,  Sy and a Khenpo friend as her translator.  Sitting down next to her Lama, she began to talk. “Rinpoche-la,” she said, “I want to show you something. Please look at these two rocks that I found.”  As if something inside her own heart was being unlocked, the author began to weep, like a well overflowing with an ocean of raindrops from the sky.  

The very instance Garchen Rinpoche gazed at the two rocks that were placed one on top of the other in the middle of the author’s palm, he gently  picked up the smaller one and put it right beneath the larger one. The Lama did not say a word, for there was no need for any explanation.  He immediately recognized upon seeing that it was unerringly as such. To the author’s greatest amazement, the two hearts interlocked, like two pieces of a puzzle...  

Then, slowly, Garchen Rinpoche turned the two rocks upside down. He pointed to the back side of the hearts and said, “Look. Same-same. This is my heart.  This is yours.”  The front of both rocks bore little resemblance to each other. The larger one looked almost flawless; the smaller one was imperfect and full of scars. Yet one could clearly see that the back of the rocks resembled the “interior” of two hearts with similar-looking shapes and pulmonary  arteries. They looked un-blemished and almost identical...

If you wish to see the two heart-shaped rocks, please don’t hesitate to ask Sue-Sue the next time your path crosses hers.

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Back of hearts - Photo: Amy Conner (2007)

Front of hearts - Photo:  Amy Conner (2007)

Sue-Sue &  Garchen R- Photo:  Lee Lin  (2007)

Back o f hearts - Photo: Sue-Sue Luu (2011)

Front of hearts - Photo: Sue-Sue Luu (2011)

And to all of Garchen Rinpoche’s disciples – my Vajra brothers and sisters, as we are traveling together
on this journey to Rinpoche’s living heart, please know that  this Writing Project is only a manifestation
of your own love and devotion to our guru and his teachings.  May we all awaken to the power
of inexhaustible compassion and mind of enlightenment at the end of our  journey...  
And by the virtue of this writing and our collective spiritual quest,
may all beings swiftly be brought on the Path and attain perfect liberation.
From the very depth of my heart, with folded hands…

Garchen Rinpoche’s name written in Tibetan script - Photo: Kathy Lambert (2005)



Sue-Sue &  Garchen R - Photo:  Lee Lin (2007)

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Lama’s heart, your heart, my heart, all beings’ hearts... One and the same.